[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "3.0" ) ]
public unowned Style? rc_get_style_by_paths (Settings settings, string? widget_path, string? class_path, Type type)

Warning: rc_get_style_by_paths is deprecated since 3.0.

Creates up a Style from styles defined in a RC file by providing the raw components used in matching.


Use StyleContext instead

This function may be useful when creating pseudo-widgets that should be themed like widgets but don’t actually have corresponding GTK+ widgets. An example of this would be items inside a GNOME canvas widget.

The action of rc_get_style is similar to:

 gtk_widget_path (widget, NULL, &path, NULL);
gtk_widget_class_path (widget, NULL, &class_path, NULL);
gtk_rc_get_style_by_paths (gtk_widget_get_settings (widget),
path, class_path,
G_OBJECT_TYPE (widget));



a Settings object


the widget path to use when looking up the style, or null if no matching against the widget path should be done


the class path to use when looking up the style, or null if no matching against the class path should be done.


a type that will be used along with parent types of this type when matching against class styles, or NONE


A style created by matching with the supplied paths, or null if nothing matching was specified and the default style should be used. The returned value is owned by GTK+ as part of an internal cache, so you must call @ref on the returned value if you want to keep a reference to it.

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk+-3.0