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Gtk.Layout Gtk.Layout Gtk.Layout Gtk.Container Gtk.Container Gtk.Container->Gtk.Layout Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget->Gtk.Container GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned->Gtk.Widget GLib.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object->GLib.InitiallyUnowned Atk.Implementor Atk.Implementor Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Layout Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Container Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Layout Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Container Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Scrollable Gtk.Scrollable Gtk.Scrollable->Gtk.Layout


[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_layout_get_type ()" ) ]
public class Layout : Container, Implementor, Buildable, Scrollable

Layout is similar to DrawingArea in that it’s a “blank slate” and doesn’t do anything except paint a blank background by default.

It’s different in that it supports scrolling natively due to implementing Scrollable, and can contain child widgets since it’s a Container.

If you just want to draw, a DrawingArea is a better choice since it has lower overhead. If you just need to position child widgets at specific points, then Fixed provides that functionality on its own.

When handling expose events on a Layout, you must draw to the Window returned by get_bin_window, rather than to the one returned by get_window as you would for a DrawingArea.

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk+-3.0



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