public void @get (string first_property_name, ...)

Gets properties of an object.

In general, a copy is made of the property contents and the caller is responsible for freeing the memory in the appropriate manner for the type, for instance by calling g_free or unref.

Here is an example of using @get to get the contents of three properties: an integer, a string and an object:

 gint intval;
guint64 uint64val;
gchar *strval;
GObject *objval;

g_object_get (my_object,
"int-property", &intval,
"uint64-property", &uint64val,
"str-property", &strval,
"obj-property", &objval,

// Do something with intval, uint64val, strval, objval

g_free (strval);
g_object_unref (objval);



a Object


name of the first property to get


return location for the first property, followed optionally by more name/return location pairs, followed by null