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[ CCode ( get_value_function = "g_value_get_object" , marshaller_type_name = "OBJECT" , param_spec_function = "g_param_spec_object" , ref_function = "g_object_ref" , set_value_function = "g_value_set_object" , take_value_function = "g_value_take_object" , unref_function = "g_object_unref" ) ]
public class Object

The base object type.

All the fields in the `GObject` structure are private to the implementation and should never be accessed directly.

Since GLib 2.72, all Objects are guaranteed to be aligned to at least the alignment of the largest basic GLib type ( typically this is uint64 or double). If you need larger alignment for an element in a Object, you should allocate it on the heap (aligned), or arrange for your Object to be appropriately padded. This guarantee applies to the Object (or derived) struct, the ObjectClass (or derived) struct, and any private data allocated by G_ADD_PRIVATE.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gobject-2.0


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