[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "3.0" ) ]
public void modify_style (RcStyle style)

Warning: modify_style is deprecated since 3.0.

Modifies style values on the widget.


Use StyleContext with a custom StyleProvider instead

Modifications made using this technique take precedence over style values set via an RC file, however, they will be overridden if a style is explicitly set on the widget using set_style. The RcStyle-struct is designed so each field can either be set or unset, so it is possible, using this function, to modify some style values and leave the others unchanged.

Note that modifications made with this function are not cumulative with previous calls to modify_style or with such functions as modify_fg. If you wish to retain previous values, you must first call get_modifier_style, make your modifications to the returned style, then call modify_style with that style. On the other hand, if you first call modify_style, subsequent calls to such functions modify_fg will have a cumulative effect with the initial modifications.



a Widget


the RcStyle-struct holding the style modifications