[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "3.0" ) ]
public void get_child_requisition (out Requisition requisition)

Warning: get_child_requisition is deprecated since 3.0.

This function is only for use in widget implementations.


Use get_preferred_size instead.

Obtains this->requisition, unless someone has forced a particular geometry on the widget (e.g. with set_size_request), in which case it returns that geometry instead of the widget's requisition.

This function differs from size_request in that it retrieves the last size request value from this->requisition, while size_request actually calls the "size_request" method on this to compute the size request and fill in this->requisition, and only then returns this->requisition.

Because this function does not call the “size_request” method, it can only be used when you know that this ->requisition is up-to-date, that is, size_request has been called since the last time a resize was queued. In general, only container implementations have this information; applications should use size_request.



a Widget


a Requisition to be filled in