[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "3.0" ) ]
public unowned RcStyle get_modifier_style ()

Warning: get_modifier_style is deprecated since 3.0.

Returns the current modifier style for the widget.


Use StyleContext with a custom StyleProvider instead

(As set by modify_style.) If no style has previously set, a new RcStyle will be created with all values unset, and set as the modifier style for the widget. If you make changes to this rc style, you must call modify_style, passing in the returned rc style, to make sure that your changes take effect.

Caution: passing the style back to modify_style will normally end up destroying it, because modify_style copies the passed-in style and sets the copy as the new modifier style, thus dropping any reference to the old modifier style. Add a reference to the modifier style if you want to keep it alive.



a Widget


the modifier style for the widget. This rc style is owned by the widget. If you want to keep a pointer to value this around, you must add a refcount using @ref.