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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_places_sidebar_get_type ()" ) ]
public class PlacesSidebar : ScrolledWindow, Implementor, Buildable

PlacesSidebar is a widget that displays a list of frequently-used places in the file system: the user’s home directory, the user’s bookmarks, and volumes and drives.

This widget is used as a sidebar in FileChooser and may be used by file managers and similar programs.

The places sidebar displays drives and volumes, and will automatically mount or unmount them when the user selects them.

Applications can hook to various signals in the places sidebar to customize its behavior. For example, they can add extra commands to the context menu of the sidebar.

While bookmarks are completely in control of the user, the places sidebar also allows individual applications to provide extra shortcut folders that are unique to each application. For example, a Paint program may want to add a shortcut for a Clipart folder. You can do this with add_shortcut.

To make use of the places sidebar, an application at least needs to connect to the open_location signal. This is emitted when the user selects in the sidebar a location to open. The application should also call set_location when it changes the currently-viewed location.

CSS nodes

GtkPlacesSidebar uses a single CSS node with name placessidebar and style class .sidebar.

Among the children of the places sidebar, the following style classes can be used: - .sidebar-new-bookmark-row for the 'Add new bookmark' row - .sidebar-placeholder-row for a row that is a placeholder - .has-open-popup when a popup is open for a row


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