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[ CCode ( type_id = "g_mount_operation_get_type ()" ) ]
public class MountOperation : Object

`GMountOperation` provides a mechanism for interacting with the user.

It can be used for authenticating mountable operations, such as loop mounting files, hard drive partitions or server locations. It can also be used to ask the user questions or show a list of applications preventing unmount or eject operations from completing.

Note that `GMountOperation` is used for more than just [iface@Gio.Mount] objects – for example it is also used in [method@Gio.Drive.start] and [method@Gio.Drive.stop].

Users should instantiate a subclass of this that implements all the various callbacks to show the required dialogs, such as `GtkMountOperation`. If no user interaction is desired (for example when automounting filesystems at login time), usually `NULL` can be passed, see each method taking a `GMountOperation` for details.

Throughout the API, the term ‘TCRYPT’ is used to mean ‘compatible with TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt’. TrueCrypt is a discontinued system for encrypting file containers, partitions or whole disks, typically used with Windows. VeraCrypt is a maintained fork of TrueCrypt with various improvements and auditing fixes.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gio-2.0



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