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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_menu_shell_get_type ()" ) ]
public abstract class MenuShell : Container, Implementor, Buildable

A MenuShell is the abstract base class used to derive the Menu and MenuBar subclasses.

A MenuShell is a container of MenuItem objects arranged in a list which can be navigated, selected, and activated by the user to perform application functions. A MenuItem can have a submenu associated with it, allowing for nested hierarchical menus.


A menu item can be “selected”, this means that it is displayed in the prelight state, and if it has a submenu, that submenu will be popped up.

A menu is “active” when it is visible onscreen and the user is selecting from it. A menubar is not active until the user clicks on one of its menuitems. When a menu is active, passing the mouse over a submenu will pop it up.

There is also is a concept of the current menu and a current menu item. The current menu item is the selected menu item that is furthest down in the hierarchy. (Every active menu shell does not necessarily contain a selected menu item, but if it does, then the parent menu shell must also contain a selected menu item.) The current menu is the menu that contains the current menu item. It will always have a GTK grab and receive all key presses.

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