public bool init_check (ref unowned string[]? argv)

This function does the same work as init with only a single change: It does not terminate the program if the commandline arguments couldn’t be parsed or the windowing system can’t be initialized.

Instead it returns false on failure.

This way the application can fall back to some other means of communication with the user - for example a curses or command line interface.

Note that calling any GTK function or instantiating any GTK type after this function returns false results in undefined behavior.



Address of the `argv` parameter of main, or null. Any options understood by GTK+ are stripped before return.


Address of the `argc` parameter of your main function (or 0 if argv is null) . This will be changed if any arguments were handled.


true if the commandline arguments (if any) were valid and the windowing system has been successfully initialized, false otherwise

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk+-3.0