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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_combo_box_get_type ()" ) ]
public class ComboBox : Bin, Implementor, Buildable, CellEditable, CellLayout

A GtkComboBox is a widget that allows the user to choose from a list of valid choices.

The GtkComboBox displays the selected choice. When activated, the GtkComboBox displays a popup which allows the user to make a new choice. The style in which the selected value is displayed, and the style of the popup is determined by the current theme. It may be similar to a Windows-style combo box.

The GtkComboBox uses the model-view pattern; the list of valid choices is specified in the form of a tree model, and the display of the choices can be adapted to the data in the model by using cell renderers, as you would in a tree view. This is possible since GtkComboBox implements the CellLayout interface. The tree model holding the valid choices is not restricted to a flat list, it can be a real tree, and the popup will reflect the tree structure.

To allow the user to enter values not in the model, the “has-entry” property allows the GtkComboBox to contain a Entry. This entry can be accessed by calling get_child on the combo box.

For a simple list of textual choices, the model-view API of GtkComboBox can be a bit overwhelming. In this case, ComboBoxText offers a simple alternative. Both GtkComboBox and ComboBoxText can contain an entry.

CSS nodes

├── box.linked
│ ╰── button.combo
│ ╰── box
│ ├── cellview
│ ╰── arrow
╰── window.popup
.linked class, a button with the .combo class and inside those buttons, there are a cellview and an arrow.

├── box.linked
│ ├── entry.combo
│ ╰── button.combo
│ ╰── box
│ ╰── arrow
╰── window.popup
SS node with name combobox. It contains a box with the .linked class. That box contains an entry and a button, both with the .combo class added. The button also contains another node with name arrow.


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