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public class FileChooserButton : Box, Implementor, Buildable, FileChooser, Orientable

The FileChooserButton is a widget that lets the user select a file.

It implements the FileChooser interface. Visually, it is a file name with a button to bring up a FileChooserDialog. The user can then use that dialog to change the file associated with that button. This widget does not support setting the select_multiple property to true .

Create a button to let the user select a file in /etc

GtkWidget *button;

button = gtk_file_chooser_button_new (_("Select a file"),
gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder (GTK_FILE_CHOOSER (button),

The FileChooserButton supports the FileChooserAction s gtk_file_chooser_action_open and gtk_file_chooser_action_select_folder.


The FileChooserButton will ellipsize the label, and will thus request little horizontal space. To give the button more space, you should call get_preferred_size, set_width_chars, or pack the button in such a way that other interface elements give space to the widget.


Example: FileChooserButton:

public class Application : Gtk.Window {
public Application () {
// Prepare Gtk.Window:
this.title = "My Gtk.FileChooserButton";
this.window_position = Gtk.WindowPosition.CENTER;
this.destroy.connect (Gtk.main_quit);

// VBox:
Gtk.Box vbox = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 5);
this.add (vbox);

// Add a chooser:
Gtk.FileChooserButton chooser = new Gtk.FileChooserButton ("Open your favourite file", Gtk.FileChooserAction.OPEN);
vbox.pack_start (chooser, true, true, 0);

// Multiple files can be selected:
chooser.select_multiple = true;

// We are only interested in jpegs:
Gtk.FileFilter filter = new Gtk.FileFilter ();
chooser.set_filter (filter);
filter.add_mime_type ("image/jpeg");

// Add a preview widget:
Gtk.Image preview_area = new Gtk.Image ();
chooser.set_preview_widget (preview_area);
chooser.update_preview.connect (() => {
string uri = chooser.get_preview_uri ();
// We only display local files:
if (uri.has_prefix ("file://") == true) {
try {
Gdk.Pixbuf pixbuf = new Gdk.Pixbuf.from_file (uri.substring (7));
Gdk.Pixbuf scaled = pixbuf.scale_simple (150, 150, Gdk.InterpType.BILINEAR);
preview_area.set_from_pixbuf (scaled); ();
} catch (Error e) {
preview_area.hide ();
} else {
preview_area.hide ();

// Emitted when there is a change in the set of selected files:
chooser.selection_changed.connect (() => {
SList<string> uris = chooser.get_uris ();
foreach (unowned string uri in uris) {
print ("Selection changed:\n");
print (" %s\n", uri);

// HBox:
Gtk.Box hbox = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 5);
vbox.pack_start(hbox, false, false, 0);


public static int main (string[] args) {
Gtk.init (ref args);

Application app = new Application ();
app.show_all ();
Gtk.main ();
return 0;

valac --pkg gtk+-3.0 Gtk.FileChooserButton.vala

Namespace: Gtk
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