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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_cell_view_get_type ()" ) ]
public class CellView : Widget, Implementor, Buildable, CellLayout, Orientable

A CellView displays a single row of a TreeModel using a CellArea and CellAreaContext.

A CellAreaContext can be provided to the CellView at construction time in order to keep the cellview in context of a group of cell views, this ensures that the renderers displayed will be properly aligned with eachother (like the aligned cells in the menus of ComboBox).

CellView is Orientable in order to decide in which orientation the underlying CellAreaContext should be allocated. Taking the ComboBox menu as an example, cellviews should be oriented horizontally if the menus are listed top-to-bottom and thus all share the same width but may have separate individual heights (left-to-right menus should be allocated vertically since they all share the same height but may have variable widths).

CSS nodes

GtkCellView has a single CSS node with name cellview.

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk+-3.0



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