[ Version ( since = "1.16" ) ]
public void set_windowing_backend (string backend_type)

Restricts Clutter to only use the specified backend or list of backends.

You can use one of the `CLUTTER_WINDOWING_*` symbols, e.g.

  clutter_set_windowing_backend (CLUTTER_WINDOWING_X11);

Will force Clutter to use the X11 windowing and input backend, and terminate if the X11 backend could not be initialized successfully.

Since Clutter 1.26, you can also use a comma-separated list of windowing system backends to provide a fallback in case backends are not available or enabled, e.g.:

  clutter_set_windowing_backend ("gdk,wayland,x11");

Will make Clutter test for the GDK, Wayland, and X11 backends in that order.

You can use the `*` special value to ask Clutter to use the internally defined list of backends. For instance:

  clutter_set_windowing_backend ("x11,wayland,*");

Will make Clutter test the X11 and Wayland backends, and then fall back to the internal list of available backends.

This function must be called before the first API call to Clutter, including clutter_get_option_context



a comma separated list of windowing backends

Namespace: Clutter
Package: clutter-1.0