public InitError init (ref unowned string[]? argv)

Initialises everything needed to operate with Clutter and parses some standard command line options; argv.length and argv are adjusted accordingly so your own code will never see those standard arguments.

It is safe to call this function multiple times.

This function will not abort in case of errors during initialization; init will print out the error message on stderr, and will return an error code. It is up to the application code to handle this case. If you need to display the error message yourself, you can use init_with_args, which takes a Error pointer.

If this function fails, and returns an error code, any subsequent Clutter API will have undefined behaviour - including segmentation faults and assertion failures. Make sure to handle the returned InitError enumeration value.



A pointer to an array of arguments.


The number of arguments in argv


a InitError value

Namespace: Clutter
Package: clutter-1.0