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[ CCode ( type_id = "clutter_child_meta_get_type ()" ) ]
[ Version ( since = "0.8" ) ]
public abstract class ChildMeta : Object

Base interface for container specific state for child actors.

A child data is meant to be used when you need to keep track of information about each individual child added to a container.

In order to use it you should create your own subclass of ChildMeta and set the Container child_meta_type interface member to your subclass type, like:

static void
my_container_iface_init (ClutterContainerIface *iface)
// set the rest of the #ClutterContainer vtable

container_iface->child_meta_type = MY_TYPE_CHILD_META;

This will automatically create a ChildMeta of type `MY_TYPE_CHILD_META` for every actor that is added to the container.

The child data for an actor can be retrieved using the get_child_meta function.

The properties of the data and your subclass can be manipulated with child_set and child_get which act like @set and @get.

You can provide hooks for your own storage as well as control the instantiation by overriding the Container virtual functions create_child_meta, destroy_child_meta, and get_child_meta.

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Namespace: Clutter
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