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[ CCode ( type_id = "clutter_cairo_texture_get_type ()" ) ]
[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.12" , since = "1.0" ) ]
public class CairoTexture : Texture, Implementor, Animatable, Container, Scriptable

Warning: CairoTexture is deprecated since 1.12.

CairoTexture is a Texture that displays the contents of a Cairo context.


Use Canvas instead

The CairoTexture actor will create a Cairo image surface which will then be uploaded to a GL texture when needed.

Since CairoTexture uses a Cairo image surface internally all the drawing operations will be performed in software and not using hardware acceleration. This can lead to performance degradation if the contents of the texture change frequently.

In order to use a CairoTexture you should connect to the draw signal; the signal is emitted each time the CairoTexture has been told to invalidate its contents, by using invalidate_rectangle or its sister function, invalidate.

Each callback to the draw signal will receive a Context context which can be used for drawing; the Cairo context is owned by the CairoTexture and should not be destroyed explicitly.

CairoTexture is available since Clutter 1.0.

CairoTexture is deprecated since Clutter 1.12. You should use Canvas instead.

Namespace: Clutter
Package: clutter-1.0



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