[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.12" , since = "0.8" ) ]
public unowned Handle get_cogl_texture ()

Warning: get_cogl_texture is deprecated since 1.12.

Retrieves the handle to the underlying COGL texture used for drawing the actor.


No replacement available; it's not advisable to modify the Cogl pipeline of an actor.

Use a Content implementation and set up the pipeline during the paint sequence instead.

No extra reference is taken so if you need to keep the handle then you should call cogl_handle_ref on it.

The texture handle returned is the first layer of the material handle used by the Texture. If you need to access the other layers you should use get_cogl_material instead and use the CoglMaterial API.



A Texture


a VertexBufferIndices for the texture. The returned handle is owned by the Texture and it should not be unreferenced