[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.12" , since = "0.8" ) ]
public void set_cogl_material (Handle cogl_material)

Warning: set_cogl_material is deprecated since 1.12.

Replaces the underlying Cogl material drawn by this actor with cogl_material.


No replacement is available; it's not advisable to modify the Cogl pipeline of an actor.

Use a Content implementation and modify the pipeline during the paint sequence

A reference to the material is taken so if the handle is no longer needed it should be deref'd with cogl_handle_unref. Texture data is attached to the material so calling this function also replaces the Cogl texture. Texture requires that the material have a texture layer so you should set one on the material before calling this function.



A Texture


A CoglHandle for a material