[ Version ( since = "1.6" ) ]
public unowned PaintVolume? get_paint_volume ()

Retrieves the paint volume of the passed Actor, or null when a paint volume can't be determined.

The paint volume is defined as the 3D space occupied by an actor when being painted.

This function will call the ClutterActorClass.get_paint_volume virtual function of the Actor class. Sub-classes of Actor should not usually care about overriding the default implementation, unless they are, for instance: painting outside their allocation, or actors with a depth factor (not in terms of depth but real 3D depth).

Note: 2D actors overriding ClutterActorClass.get_paint_volume should ensure that their volume has a depth of 0. (This will be true as long as you don't call set_depth.)



a Actor


a pointer to a PaintVolume, or null if no volume could be determined. The returned pointer is not guaranteed to be valid across multiple frames; if you want to keep it, you will need to copy it using copy.