[ Version ( since = "0.8" ) ]
public void get_transformed_size (out float width, out float height)

Gets the absolute size of an actor in pixels, taking into account the scaling factors.

If the actor has a valid allocation, the allocated size will be used. If the actor has not a valid allocation then the preferred size will be transformed and returned.

If you want the transformed allocation, see get_abs_allocation_vertices instead.

When the actor (or one of its ancestors) is rotated around the X or Y axis, it no longer appears as on the stage as a rectangle, but as a generic quadrangle; in that case this function returns the size of the smallest rectangle that encapsulates the entire quad. Please note that in this case no assumptions can be made about the relative position of this envelope to the absolute position of the actor, as returned by get_transformed_position; if you need this information, you need to use get_abs_allocation_vertices to get the coords of the actual quadrangle.



A Actor


return location for the width, or null


return location for the height, or null