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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_box_get_type ()" ) ]
public class Box : Widget, Accessible, Buildable, ConstraintTarget, Orientable

The GtkBox widget arranges child widgets into a single row or column, depending upon the value of its orientation property.

Within the other dimension, all children are allocated the same size. Of course, the halign and valign properties can be used on the children to influence their allocation.

Use repeated calls to append to pack widgets into a GtkBox from start to end. Use remove to remove widgets from the GtkBox. insert_child_after can be used to add a child at a particular position.

Use set_homogeneous to specify whether or not all children of the GtkBox are forced to get the same amount of space.

Use set_spacing to determine how much space will be minimally placed between all children in the GtkBox. Note that spacing is added between the children.

Use reorder_child_after to move a child to a different place in the box.

CSS nodes

GtkBox uses a single CSS node with name box.


GtkBox uses the gtk_accessible_role_group role.

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Namespace: Gtk
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