[ CCode ( cname = "gtk_widget_class_install_property_action" ) ]
public class void install_property_action (string action_name, string property_name)

Installs an action called action_name on this and binds its state to the value of the property_name property.

This function will perform a few sanity checks on the property selected via property_name. Namely, the property must exist, must be readable, writable and must not be construct-only. There are also restrictions on the type of the given property, it must be boolean, int, unsigned int, double or string. If any of these conditions are not met, a critical warning will be printed and no action will be added.

The state type of the action matches the property type.

If the property is boolean, the action will have no parameter and toggle the property value. Otherwise, the action will have a parameter of the same type as the property.



a `GtkWidgetClass`


name of the action


name of the property in instances of this or any parent class.