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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_toggle_button_get_type ()" ) ]
public class ToggleButton : Button, Accessible, Actionable, Buildable, ConstraintTarget

A `GtkToggleButton` is a button which remains “pressed-in” when clicked.

Clicking again will cause the toggle button to return to its normal state.

A toggle button is created by calling either [] or [ctor@Gtk.ToggleButton.new_with_label]. If using the former, it is advisable to pack a widget, (such as a `GtkLabel` and/or a `GtkImage`), into the toggle button’s container. (See [class@Gtk.Button] for more information).

The state of a `GtkToggleButton` can be set specifically using [method@Gtk.ToggleButton.set_active], and retrieved using [ method@Gtk.ToggleButton.get_active].

To simply switch the state of a toggle button, use [method@Gtk.ToggleButton.toggled].


Toggle buttons can be grouped together, to form mutually exclusive groups - only one of the buttons can be toggled at a time, and toggling another one will switch the currently toggled one off.

To add a `GtkToggleButton` to a group, use [method@Gtk.ToggleButton.set_group].

CSS nodes

`GtkToggleButton` has a single CSS node with name button. To differentiate it from a plain `GtkButton`, it gets the `.toggle` style class.

Creating two `GtkToggleButton` widgets.

```c static void output_state (GtkToggleButton *source, gpointer user_data) { g_print ("Toggle button "s" is active: s", gtk_button_get_label (GTK_BUTTON (source)), gtk_toggle_button_get_active (source) ? "Yes" : "No"); }

static void make_toggles (void) { GtkWidget *window, *toggle1, *toggle2; GtkWidget *box; const char *text;

window = gtk_window_new (); box = gtk_box_new (GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL, 12);

text = "Hi, I’m toggle button one"; toggle1 = gtk_toggle_button_new_with_label (text);

g_signal_connect (toggle1, "toggled", G_CALLBACK (output_state), NULL); gtk_box_append (GTK_BOX (box), toggle1);

text = "Hi, I’m toggle button two"; toggle2 = gtk_toggle_button_new_with_label (text); g_signal_connect (toggle2, "toggled", G_CALLBACK ( output_state), NULL); gtk_box_append (GTK_BOX (box), toggle2);

gtk_window_set_child (GTK_WINDOW (window), box); gtk_widget_show (window); } ```

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