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Gtk.Native Gtk.Native Gtk.Native Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget->Gtk.Native GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned->Gtk.Widget GLib.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object->GLib.InitiallyUnowned Gtk.Accessible Gtk.Accessible Gtk.Accessible->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Widget Gtk.ConstraintTarget Gtk.ConstraintTarget Gtk.ConstraintTarget->Gtk.Widget


[ CCode ( type_cname = "GtkNativeInterface" , type_id = "gtk_native_get_type ()" ) ]
public interface Native : Widget

`GtkNative` is the interface implemented by all widgets that have their own `GdkSurface`.

The obvious example of a `GtkNative` is `GtkWindow`.

Every widget that is not itself a `GtkNative` is contained in one, and you can get it with [method@Gtk.Widget.get_native].

To get the surface of a `GtkNative`, use [method@Gtk.Native.get_surface]. It is also possible to find the `GtkNative` to which a surface belongs, with [func@Gtk.Native.get_for_surface].

In addition to a [class@Gdk.Surface], a `GtkNative` also provides a [class@Gsk.Renderer] for rendering on that surface. To get the renderer, use [method@Gtk.Native.get_renderer].

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