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public class CompositedWindow : Window, Buildable

CompositedWindow is an invisible window without decorations or background.

It is useful for handling different situations where the user has to "pick" something or select an area on the screen, although it can be used in other scenarios too. Most of the times the window will act as a surface to receive mouse / key press events from the user.

CompositedWindow does not and will not try to set any default size. You are responsible to set it's size to e.g: the window's screen size to have the window cover the enire screen area.

Note that you should provide a way for the user to exit the window since it's invisible. You can do that by connecting to Gtk.Widget.key_press_event signal and seeing if e.g: the user pressed an Escape key. You should always Gtk.Widget.destroy the window after it's not needed.

Do not forget to call Gtk.Widget.show_all to actually start receiving events.

Namespace: Granite.Widgets
Package: granite


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