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Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin->Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Gtk.Container Gtk.Container Gtk.Container->Gtk.Bin Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget->Gtk.Container GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned->Gtk.Widget GLib.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object->GLib.InitiallyUnowned Atk.Implementor Atk.Implementor Atk.Implementor->Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Bin Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Container Atk.Implementor->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable->Gcr.UnlockOptionsWidget Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Bin Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Container Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Widget


[ CCode ( type_id = "gcr_unlock_options_widget_get_type ()" ) ]
public class UnlockOptionsWidget : Bin, Implementor, Buildable

This widget displays a set of unlock options for the user to select.

The user can choose between keeping caching the unlock indefinitely, or for a given amount of time.

Each option has a different name, for example UNLOCK_OPTION_ALWAYS. These names are used together with the various functions like [method@UnlockOptionsWidget.get_choice].

Namespace: Gcr
Package: gcr-ui-3



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