[ CCode ( cname = "gst_parse_bin_from_description_full" , returns_floating_reference = true ) ]
public Element parse_bin_from_description (string bin_description, bool ghost_unlinked_pads, ParseContext? context = null, ParseFlags flags = NONE) throws Error

This is a convenience wrapper around gst_parse_launch to create a Bin from a gst-launch-style pipeline description.

See gst_parse_launch and the gst-launch man page for details about the syntax. Ghost pads on the bin for unlinked source or sink pads within the bin can automatically be created (but only a maximum of one ghost pad for each direction will be created; if you expect multiple unlinked source pads or multiple unlinked sink pads and want them all ghosted, you will have to create the ghost pads yourself).



command line describing the bin


whether to automatically create ghost pads for unlinked source or sink pads within the bin


a parse context allocated with ParseContext, or null


parsing options, or NONE


a newly-created element, which is guaranteed to be a bin unless NO_SINGLE_ELEMENT_BINS was passed, or null if an error occurred.

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0