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[ CCode ( ref_function = "gst_query_ref" , type_id = "gst_query_get_type ()" , unref_function = "gst_query_unref" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public class Query : MiniObject

Queries can be performed on pads (gst_pad_query()) and elements (gst_element_query()).

Please note that some queries might need a running pipeline to work.

Queries can be created using the gst_query_new_*() functions. Query values can be set using gst_query_set_*(), and parsed using gst_query_parse_*() helpers.

The following example shows how to query the duration of a pipeline:

  GstQuery *query;
gboolean res;
query = gst_query_new_duration (GST_FORMAT_TIME);
res = gst_element_query (pipeline, query);
if (res) {
gint64 duration;
gst_query_parse_duration (query, NULL, &duration);
g_print ("duration = %"GST_TIME_FORMAT, GST_TIME_ARGS (duration));
} else {
g_print ("duration query failed...");
gst_query_unref (query);

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0


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