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[ CCode ( get_value_function = "g_value_get_boxed" , ref_function = "gst_mini_object_ref" , set_value_function = "g_value_set_boxed" , take_value_function = "g_value_take_boxed" , type_id = "G_TYPE_BOXED" , unref_function = "gst_mini_object_unref" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public abstract class MiniObject

MiniObject is a simple structure that can be used to implement refcounted types.

Subclasses will include MiniObject as the first member in their structure and then call gst_mini_object_init to initialize the MiniObject fields.

@ref and unref increment and decrement the refcount respectively. When the refcount of a mini-object reaches 0, the dispose function is called first and when this returns true, the free function of the miniobject is called.

A copy can be made with copy.

is_writable will return true when the refcount of the object is exactly 1 and there is no parent or a single parent exists and is writable itself, meaning the current caller has the only reference to the object. make_writable will return a writable version of the object, which might be a new copy when the refcount was not 1.

Opaque data can be associated with a MiniObject with set_qdata and get_qdata. The data is meant to be specific to the particular object and is not automatically copied with copy or similar methods.

A weak reference can be added and remove with weak_ref and weak_unref respectively.

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0


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