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[ CCode ( ref_function = "gst_message_ref" , type_id = "gst_message_get_type ()" , unref_function = "gst_message_unref" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public class Message : MiniObject

Messages are implemented as a subclass of MiniObject with a generic Structure as the content.

This allows for writing custom messages without requiring an API change while allowing a wide range of different types of messages.

Messages are posted by objects in the pipeline and are passed to the application using the Bus.

The basic use pattern of posting a message on a Bus is as follows:

  gst_bus_post (bus, gst_message_new_eos());

A Element usually posts messages on the bus provided by the parent container using post_message.

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0


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