[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public Query.caps (Caps filter)

Constructs a new query object for querying the caps.

The CAPS query should return the allowable caps for a pad in the context of the element's state, its link to other elements, and the devices or files it has opened. These caps must be a subset of the pad template caps. In the NULL state with no links, the CAPS query should ideally return the same caps as the pad template. In rare circumstances, an object property can affect the caps returned by the CAPS query, but this is discouraged.

For most filters, the caps returned by CAPS query is directly affected by the allowed caps on other pads. For demuxers and decoders, the caps returned by the srcpad's getcaps function is directly related to the stream data. Again, the CAPS query should return the most specific caps it reasonably can, since this helps with autoplugging.

The filter is used to restrict the result caps, only the caps matching filter should be returned from the CAPS query. Specifying a filter might greatly reduce the amount of processing an element needs to do.

Free-function: gst_query_unref



a filter


a new Query