[ CCode ( has_target = false ) ]
public delegate FlowReturn PadChainListFunction (Pad pad, Object? parent, owned BufferList list)

A function that will be called on sinkpads when chaining buffer lists.

The function typically processes the data contained in the buffer list and either consumes the data or passes it on to the internally linked pad(s).

The implementer of this function receives a refcount to list and should gst_buffer_list_unref when the list is no longer needed.

When a chainlist function detects an error in the data stream, it must post an error on the bus and return an appropriate FlowReturn value.



the sink Pad that performed the chain.


the parent of pad. If the NEED_PARENT flag is set, parent is guaranteed to be not-%NULL and remain valid during the execution of this function.


the BufferList that is chained, not null.


OK for success

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0