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Gst.DeviceProviderFactory Gst.DeviceProviderFactory Gst.DeviceProviderFactory Gst.PluginFeature Gst.PluginFeature Gst.PluginFeature->Gst.DeviceProviderFactory Gst.Object Gst.Object Gst.Object->Gst.PluginFeature GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned GLib.InitiallyUnowned->Gst.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object->GLib.InitiallyUnowned


[ CCode ( type_id = "gst_device_provider_factory_get_type ()" ) ]
[ Version ( since = "1.4" ) ]
public sealed class DeviceProviderFactory : PluginFeature

DeviceProviderFactory is used to create instances of device providers.

A GstDeviceProviderfactory can be added to a Plugin as it is also a PluginFeature.

Use the find and @get functions to create device provider instances or use get_by_name as a convenient shortcut.

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0


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