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public class Poll

A Poll keeps track of file descriptors much like fd_set (used with select) or a struct pollfd array (used with poll).

Once created with Poll, the set can be used to wait for file descriptors to be readable and/or writable. It is possible to make this wait be controlled by specifying true for the controllable flag when creating the set (or later calling set_controllable).

New file descriptors are added to the set using add_fd, and removed using remove_fd. Controlling which file descriptors should be waited for to become readable and/or writable are done using fd_ctl_read, fd_ctl_write and fd_ctl_pri.

Use wait to wait for the file descriptors to actually become readable and/or writable, or to timeout if no file descriptor is available in time. The wait can be controlled by calling restart and set_flushing.

Once the file descriptor set has been waited for, one can use fd_has_closed to see if the file descriptor has been closed, fd_has_error to see if it has generated an error, fd_can_read to see if it is possible to read from the file descriptor, and fd_can_write to see if it is possible to write to it.

Namespace: Gst
Package: gstreamer-1.0


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