public unowned ModelIter find_row_sorted_with_sizes (Variant[] row_spec, CompareRowSizedFunc cmp_func, out bool out_was_found)

Like find_row_sorted, but uses DeeCompareRowSizedFunc and therefore doesn't cause trouble when used from introspected languages.

Finds a row in this according to the sorting specified by cmp_func. This method will assume that this is already sorted by cmp_func.

If you use this method for searching you should only use insert_row_sorted (or insert_row_sorted_with_sizes) to insert rows in the model.



The model to search


An array of Variants with type signature matching those of the column schemas of this. No references will be taken on the variants.


Callback used for comparison or rows


A place to store a boolean value that will be set when this method returns. If true then an exact match was found. If false then the returned iter points to a row just after where row_spec would have been inserted. Pass null to ignore.


Arbitrary pointer passed to cmp_func during search


If out_was_found is set to true then a ModelIter pointing to the last matching row. If it is false then the iter pointing to the row just after where row_spec_would have been inserted.