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Atk.NoOpObject Atk.NoOpObject Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Object Atk.Object Atk.Object->Atk.NoOpObject GLib.Object GLib.Object GLib.Object->Atk.Object Atk.Action Atk.Action Atk.Action->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Component Atk.Component Atk.Component->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Document Atk.Document Atk.Document->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.EditableText Atk.EditableText Atk.EditableText->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Hypertext Atk.Hypertext Atk.Hypertext->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Image Atk.Image Atk.Image->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Selection Atk.Selection Atk.Selection->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Table Atk.Table Atk.Table->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.TableCell Atk.TableCell Atk.TableCell->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Text Atk.Text Atk.Text->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Value Atk.Value Atk.Value->Atk.NoOpObject Atk.Window Atk.Window Atk.Window->Atk.NoOpObject


[ CCode ( type_id = "atk_no_op_object_get_type ()" ) ]
public class NoOpObject : Object, Action, Component, Document, EditableText, Hypertext, Image, Selection, Table, TableCell, Text, Value, Window

An AtkNoOpObject is an AtkObject which purports to implement all ATK interfaces.

It is the type of AtkObject which is created if an accessible object is requested for an object type for which no factory type is specified.

Namespace: Atk
Package: atk


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