[ CCode ( cname = "GAsyncReadyCallback" , instance_pos = 2.9 ) ]
public delegate void TaskReadyCallback (Object? source_object, Task task)

Type definition for a function that will be called back when an asynchronous operation within GIO has been completed.

TaskReadyCallback callbacks from Task are guaranteed to be invoked in a later iteration of the thread-default main context where the Task was created. All other users of TaskReadyCallback must likewise call it asynchronously in a later iteration of the main context.

The asynchronous operation is guaranteed to have held a reference to source_object from the time when the `*_async()` function was called, until after this callback returns.



the object the asynchronous operation was started with.


user data passed to the callback.


a AsyncResult.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gio-2.0