public void set_geometry_hints (Geometry geometry, WindowHints geom_mask)

Sets the geometry hints for this.

Hints flagged in geom_mask are set, hints not flagged in geom_mask are unset. To unset all hints, use a geom_mask of 0 and a geometry of null.

This function provides hints to the windowing system about acceptable sizes for a toplevel window. The purpose of this is to constrain user resizing, but the windowing system will typically (but is not required to) also constrain the current size of the window to the provided values and constrain programatic resizing via resize or move_resize.

Note that on X11, this effect has no effect on windows of type gdk_window_temp or windows where override redirect has been turned on via set_override_redirect since these windows are not resizable by the user.

Since you can’t count on the windowing system doing the constraints for programmatic resizes, you should generally call constrain_size yourself to determine appropriate sizes.



a toplevel Window


geometry hints


bitmask indicating fields of geometry to pay attention to