[ Version ( since = "2.50" ) ]
public bool websocket_client_verify_handshake (Message msg) throws Error

Looks at the response status code and headers in msg and determines if they contain a valid WebSocket handshake response (given the handshake request in msg's request headers).

If the response contains the "Sec-WebSocket-Extensions" header, the handshake will be considered invalid. You need to use websocket_client_verify_handshake_with_extensions to handle responses with extensions.

This is a low-level function; if you use websocket_connect_async to create a WebSocket connection, it will call this for you.



Message containing both client and server sides of a WebSocket handshake


true if msg contains a completed valid WebSocket handshake, false and an error if not.

Namespace: Soup
Package: libsoup-2.4