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[ CCode ( type_id = "soup_hsts_enforcer_get_type ()" ) ]
public class HSTSEnforcer : Object, SessionFeature

A HSTSEnforcer stores HSTS policies and enforces them when required.

HSTSEnforcer implements SessionFeature, so you can add an HSTS enforcer to a session with add_feature or add_feature_by_type.

HSTSEnforcer keeps track of all the HTTPS destinations that, when connected to, return the Strict-Transport-Security header with valid values. HSTSEnforcer will forget those destinations upon expiry or when the server requests it.

When the Session the HSTSEnforcer is attached to queues or restarts a message, the HSTSEnforcer will rewrite the URI to HTTPS if the destination is a known HSTS host and is contacted over an insecure transport protocol (HTTP). Users of HSTSEnforcer are advised to listen to changes in SoupMessage:uri in order to be aware of changes in the message URI.

Note that HSTSEnforcer does not support any form of long-term HSTS policy persistence. See SoupHSTSDBEnforcer for a persistent enforcer.

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Package: libsoup-2.4


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