[ CCode ( instance_pos = 2.9 ) ]
[ Version ( deprecated = true ) ]
public delegate Buffer? ChunkAllocator (Message msg, size_t max_len)

Warning: ChunkAllocator is deprecated.

The prototype for a chunk allocation callback.


Use Request if you want to read into your own buffers.

This should allocate a new Buffer and return it for the I/O layer to read message body data off the network into.

If max_len is non-0, it indicates the maximum number of bytes that could be read, based on what is known about the message size. Note that this might be a very large number, and you should not simply try to allocate that many bytes blindly. If max_len is 0, that means that libsoup does not know how many bytes remain to be read, and the allocator should return a buffer of a size that it finds convenient.

If the allocator returns null, the message will be paused. It is up to the application to make sure that it gets unpaused when it becomes possible to allocate a new buffer.



the Message the chunk is being allocated for


the maximum length that will be read, or 0.


the data passed to set_chunk_allocator


the new buffer (or null)

Namespace: Soup
Package: libsoup-2.4