[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.38" ) ]
public int read_line (FileStream stream, StringBuilder str)

Warning: read_line is deprecated since 1.38.

Reads an entire line from a file into a buffer.

Lines may be delimited with '\n', '\r', '\n\r', or '\r\n'. The delimiter is not written into the buffer. Text after a '#' character is treated as a comment and skipped. '\' can be used to escape a typeof ( unichar2) character. '\' proceeding a line delimiter combines adjacent lines. A '\' proceeding any other character is ignored and written into the output buffer unmodified.



a stdio stream


StringBuilder buffer into which to write the result


0 if the stream was already at an EOF character, otherwise the number of lines read (this is useful for maintaining a line number counter which doesn't combine lines with '\')

Namespace: Pango
Package: pango