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Pango.FontMetrics Pango.FontMetrics Pango.FontMetrics


[ CCode ( ref_function = "pango_font_metrics_ref" , type_id = "pango_font_metrics_get_type ()" , unref_function = "pango_font_metrics_unref" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public class FontMetrics

A `PangoFontMetrics` structure holds the overall metric information for a font.

The information in a `PangoFontMetrics` structure may be restricted to a script. The fields of this structure are private to implementations of a font backend. See the documentation of the corresponding getters for documentation of their meaning.

For an overview of the most important metrics, see:

<picture> <source srcset="fontmetrics-dark.png" media="(prefers-color-scheme: dark)"> <img alt="Font metrics" src="fontmetrics-light.png"> </picture>

Namespace: Pango
Package: pango