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Pango.AttrList Pango.AttrList Pango.AttrList


[ CCode ( ref_function = "pango_attr_list_ref" , type_id = "pango_attr_list_get_type ()" , unref_function = "pango_attr_list_unref" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public class AttrList

A `PangoAttrList` represents a list of attributes that apply to a section of text.

The attributes in a `PangoAttrList` are, in general, allowed to overlap in an arbitrary fashion. However, if the attributes are manipulated only through [method@Pango.AttrList.change], the overlap between properties will meet stricter criteria.

Since the `PangoAttrList` structure is stored as a linear list, it is not suitable for storing attributes for large amounts of text. In general, you should not use a single `PangoAttrList` for more than one paragraph of text.

Namespace: Pango
Package: pango


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