[ Version ( since = "1.32" ) ]
public void shape_full (string item_text, int item_length, string? paragraph_text, int paragraph_length, Analysis analysis, GlyphString glyphs)

Given a segment of text and the corresponding Analysis structure returned from itemize, convert the characters into glyphs.

You may also pass in only a substring of the item from itemize.

This is similar to shape, except it also can optionally take the full paragraph text as input, which will then be used to perform certain cross-item shaping interactions. If you have access to the broader text of which item_text is part of, provide the broader text as paragraph_text. If paragraph_text is null, item text is used instead.

Note that the extra attributes in the analyis that is returned from itemize have indices that are relative to the entire paragraph, so you do not pass the full paragraph text as paragraph_text, you need to subtract the item offset from their indices before calling shape_full.



valid UTF-8 text to shape.


the length (in bytes) of item_text. -1 means nul-terminated text.


text of the paragraph (see details). May be null.


the length (in bytes) of paragraph_text. -1 means nul-terminated text.


Analysis structure from itemize.


glyph string in which to store results.

Namespace: Pango
Package: pango