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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_shortcut_controller_get_type ()" ) ]
public class ShortcutController : EventController, ListModel, Buildable

`GtkShortcutController` is an event controller that manages shortcuts.

Most common shortcuts are using this controller implicitly, e.g. by adding a mnemonic underline to a `GtkLabel`, or by installing a key binding using add_binding, or by adding accelerators to global actions using set_accels_for_action.

But it is possible to create your own shortcut controller, and add shortcuts to it.

`GtkShortcutController` implements `GListModel` for querying the shortcuts that have been added to it.

GtkShortcutController as a GtkBuildable

`GtkShortcutControllers` can be creates in ui files to set up shortcuts in the same place as the widgets.

An example of a UI definition fragment with `GtkShortcutController`: ```xml <object class='GtkButton'> <child> <object class='GtkShortcutController'> <property name='scope'>managed</property> <child> <object class='GtkShortcut'> <property name='trigger'>&amp;lt;Control&amp;gt;k</property> <property name='action'>activate</property> < /object> </child> </object> </child> </object> ```

This example creates a [class@Gtk.ActivateAction] for triggering the `activate` signal of the `GtkButton`. See [ ctor@Gtk.ShortcutAction.parse_string] for the syntax for other kinds of `GtkShortcutAction`. See [ctor@Gtk.ShortcutTrigger.parse_string] to learn more about the syntax for triggers.

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk4



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