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[ CCode ( type_cname = "GtkScrollableInterface" , type_id = "gtk_scrollable_get_type ()" ) ]
public interface Scrollable : Object

`GtkScrollable` is an interface for widgets with native scrolling ability.

To implement this interface you should override the [property@Gtk.Scrollable:hadjustment] and [property@Gtk.Scrollable:vadjustment] properties.

Creating a scrollable widget

All scrollable widgets should do the following.

  • When a parent widget sets the scrollable child widget’s adjustments, the widget should connect to the [signal@Gtk.Adjustment: GtkScrollable:value-changed] signal. The child widget should then populate the adjustments’ properties as soon as possible, which usually means queueing an allocation right away and populating the properties in the [vfunc@Gtk.Widget.size_allocate] implementation.
  • Because its preferred size is the size for a fully expanded widget, the scrollable widget must be able to cope with underallocations. This means that it must accept any value passed to its [vfunc@Gtk.Widget.size_allocate] implementation.
  • When the parent allocates space to the scrollable child widget, the widget must ensure the adjustments’ property values are correct and up to date, for example using [method@Gtk.Adjustment.configure].
  • When any of the adjustments emits the [signal@Gtk.Adjustment:GtkScrollable:value-changed] signal, the scrollable widget should scroll its contents.

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk4




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