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[ CCode ( type_id = "gtk_page_setup_get_type ()" ) ]
public sealed class PageSetup : Object

A `GtkPageSetup` object stores the page size, orientation and margins.

The idea is that you can get one of these from the page setup dialog and then pass it to the `GtkPrintOperation` when printing. The benefit of splitting this out of the `GtkPrintSettings` is that these affect the actual layout of the page, and thus need to be set long before user prints.


The margins specified in this object are the “print margins”, i.e. the parts of the page that the printer cannot print on. These are different from the layout margins that a word processor uses; they are typically used to determine the minimal size for the layout margins.

To obtain a `GtkPageSetup` use [] to get the defaults, or use [func@Gtk.print_run_page_setup_dialog] to show the page setup dialog and receive the resulting page setup.

A page setup dialog

```c static GtkPrintSettings *settings = NULL; static GtkPageSetup *page_setup = NULL;

static void do_page_setup (void) { GtkPageSetup *new_page_setup;

if (settings == NULL) settings = gtk_print_settings_new ();

new_page_setup = gtk_print_run_page_setup_dialog (GTK_WINDOW (main_window), page_setup, settings);

if (page_setup) g_object_unref (page_setup);

page_setup = new_page_setup; } ```

Namespace: Gtk
Package: gtk4


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